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Building relationships to provide strategic services as a trusted advisor


Getting Started

Our initial consultation, which can last minutes or months depending on the particular circumstance, typically is focused on understanding specific client needs while simultaneously building the relationship. Mr. Senteio applies his academic and professional training as a strategist in educating clients on the effective strategy process, assessing new business, or providing trusted advisory services. A clear understanding of the current situation is critical to developing practical next steps.

Size of Projects

We encourage small, shorter initiatives as this provides natural checkpoints and validation that the working relationship is providing mutual value.

Strategy Development

We apply basic principles of establishing and building relationships in the development and articulation of key strategic insights. Our extensive experience in strategy development across several sectors and geographies is uniquely linked with our emphasis on lasting relationships, whether or not we are working under a specific agreement.

Elements of the Strategy

The ability to articulate the strategy to defined audiences is a key tenet of our philosophy. In our experience good ideas do not gain necessary consensus simply because they are not communicated appropriately. Developing structured written communications is an important part of our work, along with coaching on positioning among internal and external constituencies.

We also lean on leading practices in the development and implementation of our ideas. We call upon our unique blend of skills and experiences derived from working with large and small clients in the US and internationally.

Outcomes Measurement

Outcomes measurement is a key element of strategic development. We leverage the classic strategy consulting principle of “anything that can be measured can be improved” in defining success metrics that focus not on activities but on results. Our extensive experience in the non profit sector, specifically experience in working with outcomes committee with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, helps to draw upon real world applications of this important part of the strategy process.

New Business Assessment

Through his extensive network Mr. Senteio has consulted with various individuals looking to build their business or assess various opportunities within their own organizations. These services are dependent on current market conditions and trends along with how an individuals’ goals and objectives fit in with their current thinking. We have provided these services in the non profit and for profit sectors.

Trusted Advice and Counsel

Our formal engagements often lead to informal arrangements where we play the role of trusted advisor. These types of engagements do not typically represent initial engagements however are a product evolving relationships and ongoing dialogue.